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A ski area is a developed recreational facility, usually on a mountain, containing ski trails, ski lifts and vital supporting services. At a minimum a ski area has food, rental equipment, parking facilities and a lift system catering to the sports of skiing and snowboarding. Normally located in high mountain areas (or at least on well-built-up hills) for optimum snow coverage, they have become ubiquitous in areas where skiing is a popular pastime. The paths are usually marked and known as runs, trails or pistes. Ski areas typically have one or more chair lifts for moving skiers rapidly to the top of hills, and to interconnect the various pistes. Rope tows can also be used on short slopes (usually beginner hills or bunny slopes). Larger ski areas may use gondolas or aerial trams for transportation across longer distances within the ski area.

A ski resort is a ski area plus amenities to make it a destination resort. This includes a village of accommodations and other amenities adjacent to the ski area. Ski resorts often have other activities to engage in besides skiing and snowboarding, such as snowmobiling, sledding, horse-drawn sleds, dog-sledding, ice-skating indoor or outdoor swimming and hottubbing, game rooms, and local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, cinema, theatre and caberets. Ski resorts may be self-contained and entirely devoted to ski tourism (for example Vail ski resort) or they may be near a village or town that had a significant existence before the ski resort was built, such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Park City, Utah.

Though skiing is less dangerous than many popular sports (such as bicycling, golf, football, swimming and weightlifting), it is widely perceived as being high risk, in part due to significant accident rates as recently as the 1970s. Nevertheless, ski areas usually have at least a basic first aid facility, and some kind of ski patrol service to ensure that injured skiers are rescued. The ski patrol is usually responsible for rule enforcement, marking hazards, closing individual runs (if a sufficient level of hazard exists), and removing (dismissing) dangerous participants from the area.

Ski resorts usually have hotels, bars and restaurants that offer après-ski activities, including cocktails, dining and live music. Traditional ski resorts often have health spas with saunas, hot tubs, masseuses, and swimming pools.

A mountain resort is a place to holiday or vacation located in mountains. Common activities include skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating, as well as summer activities such as hiking, mountain biking, golf and tennis.

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