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Until the ascension of Sultan Qaboos bin Said in 1970, Oman was a very underdeveloped nation. In the 35 years since that time, education, public works and tourism have taken off throughout the country, although outside of Muscat there are many regions which still remain true to their Bedouin roots. Omanis are quite proud of their country's rapid progress, and locals will often point out to tourists that the road they are driving on is only 10 years old and that the journey used to take much longer.

Oman issues a visa on arrival to citizens of Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Poland, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and some other countries(this includes major land border crossings). The price is 6 Omani rial for a one month visit visa (unless you are on an expatriate GCC visa, in which case it is 4 Omani rial). The visa can be extended another month by submitting your passport to the Royal Omani Police in Muscat, however there is one line, and the wait can be as long as 2 hours. Your line mates will not be bothered by the idea of maintaining constant physical contact with you while you sweat during your wait, nor by the idea of slowly attempting to take a place in front of you in the line since there are no line markings. If you are on a budget and need to extend your visa, I highly recommend taking a trip to the UAE. Buses are RO 10-12 return. Even a taxi would be an option.

Virtually all international flights arrive at Seeb International Airport (MCT) in Muscat. There are also a small number of regional international flights to Salalah (SLL). Purchasing a visa on arrival in Salalah can be quite difficult, as the airport is very small and immigration officials tend not to have change for larger notes.

By Road
There are some border crossings from the United Arab Emirates into Oman. Roads are excellent and the border crossing is quite easy. Don't forget to bring along some cash as you have to pay for the visa to enter Oman. If you are taking a car from the UAE into Oman you will need to produce evidence at the border that the car is insured in Oman. Note that there is a 20 Dh departure tax when leaving the UAE by car, and a 2 OR tax when leaving Oman by road.

Additionally, make sure that your passport is stamped with the relevant entry and exit stamps. This should go without saying, but some border officials will forget part of the procedure and cause administrative hassles later. Additionally, crossing from Oman to the UAE is often a chaotic business, so it is easier to miss out on the all-important stamp than one might expect.

Crossing from Oman to Yemen is significantly more challenging, and those of an adventurous bent should familiarise themselves very carefully with the regulations regarding that border. In previous years, there has been a law that no solo female travellers can exit Oman to Yemen. Additionally, bear in mind that the easternmost parts of Yemen are exceptionally remote.

While a border (undemarcated) exists between Oman and Saudi Arabia, this is a very unadvisable crossing, as it involves going through most (if not all) of the Empty Quarter.

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