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Kuwait is a country in the Middle East. It is located at the head of the Persian Gulf, with Iraq to the north and west, and Saudi Arabia to the southwest.

If you intend to tour Kuwait, it is really only best to do so if you will stay with friends or family. Aside from having a place to stay and a person to show you around, this country is really quite boring. Also, it is nice to have a Kuwaiti around when you get stopped at nightly roadblocks; they can be quite unnerving.

By plane
Kuwait International Airport is well connected to almost all the important world airports. All the major airlines have stops here, barring El Al.

By train
Kuwait has no railway system.

By car
Kuwait shares its borders with only 2 nations - Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The political situation in Iraq is volatile currently, so it's advisable not to use that route.

By boat
Scheduled ferries to and from Iran.

Ports and harbors:

Ash Shu'aybah
Ash Shuwaykh
Kuwait City
Mina' 'Abd Allah
Mina' al Ahmadi
Mina' Su'ud

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