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The Middle East is a world region that is skirted by South-Eastern Europe, across south-western Asia and North Africa. The term was created by US military strategists in the 1920-1930s, and the definition of the Middle East has been repeatedly contested. Sudan is, for instance, not considered part of the Middle East, although the country was in union with Egypt until the 1950s and share language, values and religion with other countries in the region. The Middle east is thus not simply a geographical term, it is also a political one. As one of the wellsprings of human civilisation in the ancient and medieval worlds, the birthplace of at least three world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and the focus of much modern economic and political importance, the Middle East remains a popular destination for travellers. The Middle East does not however mean the same as Arabic or Muslim. Only some of the countries in the region are Arabic, and most of the Islamic world is actually situated outside the region measured in population.

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