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Cruises in Antarctica

Looking for a Antarctica cruise, look no further, we have links to the best and cheapest cruise offers in Antarctica. Visit Hope Bay, The Lemaire Channel, Paradise Harbour (also known as Paradise Bay), Neumayer Channel and Port Lockroy. Holidays and Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica is a land of extremes: it is the coldest and driest continent on Earth and has the highest average elevation of any continent. The landscape remains mostly untouched by humans, with only a handful of scientific bases and a "permanent" population of scientists numbering only a few thousand. Visitors to Antarctica generally must brave rough sea crossings aboard ice-strenghtened vessels, but those who do are rewarded with amazing scenery and tremendous wildlife. Visitors to Antarctica often speak of its pristine beauty and serenity. Animal lovers, birdwatchers and photographers are also in for a treat in Antarctica with its various species of penguins, seals and birds that are native to the frozen continent.

In the Antarctic summer, several companies offer excursions on ice strengthened vessels to Antarctica. Ice strengthened (not quite as tough as icebreakers) boats are preferred since icebreakers are round on the bottom -- a configuration that amplifies the already massive wave action in the Drake passage. The ships typically offer a couple of excursions to the continent (usually the Antarctic peninsula) or Antarctic islands (e.g., Deception Island, Aitcho Island) each day over the course of a week. The views are phenomenal, the penguins are friendly (well, some of them are), and the experience is one that is unparalleled!

When traveling by boat, be aware that smaller ships (typically carrying 50-100 passengers) can go where the big ships can't, getting you up closer to Antarctica's nature and wildlife. Larger vessels (carrying as many as 1200 people) are less prone to rough seas but have more limited landing options. Many vessels include naturalist guided hikes, zodiac excursions and sea kayaking right from the ship, perfect for active, casual travelers.

Companies offering cruises to Antarctica include:

Adventure Associates.
AdventureSmith Antarctica Cruises. Specializes in Antarctic Expedition Cruises aboard small ships.
Aurora Expeditions.
Cheesemans Ecology Safaris. Offers a trip nearly every year that includes three days in the Falklands, a week on South Georgia, and eight days on the Antarctic Peninsula. Their trips are expensive but are some of the best for maximizing onshore time. They have also done Ross Sea trips in past years.
Mountain Travel Sobek.
Polar Cruises. A small company offering trips on most of the ships cruising Antarctica. They have been on all the ships and traveled to Antarctica many times. Great insights into Antarctica cruises and travel.
Quark Expeditions.

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