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Madagascar (Republic of Madagascar), is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Africa, close to Mozambique. The main island, also called Madagascar, is the fourth largest island in the world. It is home to five percent of the world's plant and animal species, more than 80 percent of them endemic to Madagascar. Most notable are the lemur infraorder of primates, the carnivorous fossa, three endemic bird families and six endemic baobab species. The adjective of Madagascar is Malagasy (pronounced "mal-la-gash"). The main language is Malagasy. The country's natural balance is severely threatened, because of loss of most of its forest and the extinction of at least 15 lemur species.

Geography of Madagascar

At 226,642 mi˛ (587,040 km˛), Madagascar is the world's 46th-largest country (after Botswana) and its fourth largest island. It is comparable in size to Kenya.

The east coast of Madagascar has lowlands leading to steep bluffs and central highlands. The Tsaratanana Massif in the north has volcanic mountains. The west coast has many protected harbors and broad plains, while the southwest is a plateau and desert region.

There are two seasons: it is hot and rainy from November to April, and cooler and dry from May to October. Southeastern trade winds dominate, and there are occasional cyclones.

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